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Our Vision

Halo Healthy Brands is a family of branded food products that enable you to adopt a lifestyle that minimizes processed carbs in favor of better quality choices.

Eating healthy shouldn’t be so hard. Halo Healthy Brands offers a hand-picked assortment of affordable, low-carb and natural-based products that make healthy eating a pleasure for the whole family.

Spend less time hunting and more time cooking delicious healthy meals.

Chances are you might be one of the 95 percent of food shoppers in the United States who seek out healthy food options on supermarket shelves.

One in ten consumers say finding healthy foods is “difficult” for them; only 28 percent claim it’s “easy”.

A typical grocery store in Southern California may have 20 feet of refrigerated cases dedicated solely to yogurt products, representing at least a dozen brands. Picking out whole milk fruit-flavored yoghurt with no added sugar as part of a low-carb diet, for instance, can easily turn into a nightmare.

The Halo icon helps you spot healthy trusted products on your supermarket shelves. Whether you are on a keto or plant-based diet, we offer a range of shooga-free natural food products to help you stay committed to your diet goals.


Not sure which brands to trust? Trust the Halo.

When next you shop, look out for any of our icons. Our chevrons, Shooga-Free, Keto-fueled and Plant-fueled help you identify products that fit into your chosen healthy-eating lifestyle.

Why Halo?

The Halo Healthy Brands group of products are for people who want to adopt a healthy low-carb diet without the extra costs or hassle.

Our products are:

  • Low-carb
  • Gluten-free
  • Free of soy and oils with high omega-3 content
  • Pre/probiotic


We maintain the highest quality procurement and processing standards. All our products are FDA-certified.

We believe that dinner every night can be different and feeding your family low-carb, sugar-free diets shouldn’t be so difficult. We bring the fun to healthy food shopping



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