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How it works:

$1 spent = 2 points earned.

Signup for the Halo Rewards Program and earn points for every dollar spent on halohealthybrands.com. Every time you earn 100 points, you'll get $5 store credit!

Halo Rewards
2 Points
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$5 Reward Pass
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Redemption Rules:

• Points are deducted from the order subtotal on the checkout page.
• To use your point balance, check the box “Store Credit” on the checkout page. You must be logged into your account for your point balance to show up at checkout.
• Rewards points cannot be combined with other promotional offers or discount codes.
• Your full point balance must be used on a single order. Point balances cannot be split up and used on separate orders.
• Points can only be redeemed in increments of 100. If you have a point balance of 150 you can use 100 points on an order and the remaining 50 will roll over to your next purchase.
• Additional points are not earned on the amount that is being redeemed, when using your rewards point balance.
• Reward points expire after 365 days.
• Reward points can only be earned and redeemed on halohealthybrands.com

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